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Alternatives to a Flower Girl, Page Boy and Ring Bearer for Your Ceremony using inclusive language

Wedding Ceremony Aisle

Baskets of Bounty

Traditionally, ‘flower girls’ didn’t carry flowers, they carried bundles of grain and herbs! The flower girl tradition is said to date way back to the Roman Empire, when young women and girls would carry baskets filled with wheat, grains, and fertility herbs down the aisle at the start of the ceremony.

The ritual was performed to bless the couple with an abundant and prosperous marriage, filled with plentiful harvests and many healthy children.

Invite friends or family to be 'basket bearers': get a decorative basket and add these symbolic blessings instead of flowers: wheat sheafs, corn tassels, and aromatic herbs like yarrow, red clover, fennel, chamomile, and primrose.

Flower Children

Gender-inclusive with ‘flower children’! The general idea is the same – adorable children leading the way down the aisle by tossing flower petals, leaves, or confetti at the start of the wedding ceremony. But this simple twist on tradition is a lot of fun and is certainly more inclusive.

Flower Person

You’ve probably seen this trend, and it’s always good for a laugh. Ask an adult friend (or multiple adult friends) to serve as your ‘flower person’ or ‘flower crew.’

Even better than being best person, they’ll make a bold entrance, strutting down the aisle to a beautiful piece of music, and set a fun tone for the entire ceremony.

Ask Parents, Grandparents, or Elders to Present the Rings.

This symbolic gesture is gaining in popularity. Instead of having a young child serve as ring bearer, ask a beloved family elder or mentor. This honored person will present the rings at the start of the ring exchange.

It’s a beautiful way to get older members of the family involved. Perhaps they could also share some words of wisdom as they present the rings.

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