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Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is a lovely alternative to a traditional christening, parents can welcome their child and make their promises in front of family and friends. I will create a ceremony that feels just right for you and your family. A naming ceremony can be held at any suitable location, your home or garden or in a venue of your choice.


The ceremony can contain religious elements, or it can be totally non-religious. Parents can select guide parents and the guide parents make their promises and wishes to the child. Parents can select music, poems and readings and weave symbolic rituals into the ceremony. There are many rituals e.g. Wishing box, Time capsule, Candle ceremony, Flower / Tree planting or Sand ceremony or you can create your own rituals.

"May you know the gift of friendship"

Adoption Ceremony

Many adoptive parents want a celebratory ceremony for their new arrival. This ceremony celebrates the child taking your family name and becoming a part of your family and home. You may wish to make promises to your adoptive child and enable other siblings and family  members to do the same. 


It is a very special way of welcoming your new child into the family.

Blended Family Ceremony

​When a new relationship brings stepchildren together, to live together some or all the time it can be helpful to have an informal celebration. A blended family ceremony can be incredibly rewarding, as it enables you to say what needs saying and to listen to each other. It helps define the roles of the parents, stepparents and all the children. It’s a chance to formally welcome one another, to acknowledge the sensitivities that each one may be dealing with and to agree on common hopes and goals in a bid to guide your new blended family forward on a positive and united path.

"We loved you from the very start,

you stole our breath, embraced our heart.”

Naming Ceremony Rituals

Wishing Box Ceremony

Family and friends write their special wishes for the child and the child may wish to read them when they are older, a beautiful keepsake.

Time Capsule Ceremony

You can invite family and friends to bring an item to place inside which symbolizes something they wish for the child. They could be special family pieces or a token of the year. The child will open the capsule in the future and be amazed with the lovely gifts friends and family

Candle Ceremony

A simple ceremony where parents, grandparents, guide parents and siblings are given candles which are used to light the baby's candle.  A blessing is spoken for each candle lit and the baby's candle is a keepsake to remember the support given at the welcoming of his or her life.

Flower or Tree Planting

A beautiful gesture with strong symbolism. As your child is nurtured and grows, you will also nurture the flower / tree for the rest of your life.

“May the sweet child have a life filled with happiness and glory.”

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